Zipp Wheels Reviews

zipp wheels 1080 wheelset

Zipp Wheels - 1080 Road Bike Wheels Set Review

The 1080 wheelset from the house of the Zipp wheels is an exceptional performer on the race track, and much credit goes to the non-disc rim shape, the deep 108 mm rim profile, the VCLC technology, the best aerodynamic structure and a lot more.

zipp wheels 303 wheelset

Zipp Wheels - 303 Road Bike Wheels Set Review

The 303 Zipp wheelset is one of its most adventurous products till date. With an ultimate braking performance, versatile terrain-tackling capacity, and the power packed performance (thanks to the VCLC and the M2CM technologies), this sturdy clincher is meant for the brave and the mighty.

zipp wheels 404 wheelset

Zipp Wheels - 404 Road Bike Wheels Set Product Review

The 404 road bike wheel set from the house of Zipp is a culmination of several fantastic technologies; the M2CM technology that offers extreme strength, the VCLC for reduced vibration sensation, as well as the ABLC dimples. The rim depth is exceptionally large at 58 mm, and promises to help you win that race.

zipp 808 wheelset Zipp 808 Road Bike Wheels Set Review

The 808 road bike wheels from the house of the legendary Zipp is an all-round performer to the tee. The combination of the M2CM technology and the VCLC technology set this a class apart, and the 82 m deep rim structure assures the best performance under all conditions. These Zipp wheels are great performers.

More About Zipp Wheels

Produced by one of the household names in the industry – Zipp Speed Weaponary, Zipp Wheels are known to deliver consistent results in cycling events all over the world. The company is known to be fully dedicated to performance results by employing the highest grade materials combined with innovative designs and state-of-the-art technologies.

Established in 1988, Zipp Wheels benefits from the company's wealth of experience and reputable name. Today, it is continued to be used by a great number of pro cycling teams and is proud of results in International events including the 2010 Tour de France – the best ever finish and results for teams using the full range of fastest carbon wheels under the Zipp Wheels umbrella.

Zipp 1080

Zipp Wheels markets and distributes 2 different models under its Zipp 1080 product line; the Zipp 1080 tubular and Zipp 1080 clincher wheelsets. The tubular model is known as the world's fastest non-disc wheel – it is known to produce lightning speed times without sacrificing its strength. On the other hand, the clincher model of this product employs the company's M2CM technology to produce ultra-strong rims with the reliability of aluminum coupled with the convenience of a clincher.

303 wheelset

The 303 wheelset is regarded by many to be Zipp Wheels' most versatile line of wheels. It is said to be well-suited for small-sized riders who are in need for some control under windy conditions. It is also best recommended for use in hilly racing events.

Zipp 808

The Zipp 808 is believed to be the company's answer for cyclists who are after results in time trials and triathlons. It is also believed to be shaping up perfectly to be the futu re'sultimate winer in International road racing. Zipp Wheels are known to be vigorously subjecting this line of wheels to testing and development to turn it into a star winner.