Ritchey WCS Protocol Wheels Review

Ritchey WCS Protocol wheels are super light. It consists of WCS hubs that are CNC machined and consist of titanium skewers. It is made using Zero System and OCR technology that makes this a very strong wheel. It stands 24 mm tall in the front and is 25 mm tall on the rear. It consists of black bladed spokes that are black.

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Ritchey WCS Protocol

The front wheel weighs 610 g and the rear wheel weighs 850 g. So over all, this wheel set weighs 1460g. So the figures prove that it is a light weight wheel. Its precision bearings, hoops and DT spokes make these wheels very good with regards to speed, and are true and fast.

They have braking surfaces that are well machined. The rims are manufactured using the new and improved distressing process which makes the wheels stronger, rounder and truer.

It consists of titanium skewers and forged CNC’d WCS hubs. It has machined sidewalls with high tolerance. It is Shimano and Campagnolo compatible.

The Ritchey WCS Protocol wheels are very well suited for cyclo cross and regional road races. Their carbon tubulars and the clinchers are especially hand built and of very high quality. The quality is not compromised with. They are very durable and boast of high endurance. Also undoubtedly, it is very stylish and attractive.

Ritchey WCS Protocol Wheels

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