Ritchey Comp Silhouette Wheels Reviews

A virtual treat for all professional bikers as well as bike enthusiasts, the Rithey Comp Silhouette Wheels are ideal to brace you up for any biking challenge or competition. Ritchey Design has yet again taken a predominant step in the realm of bike components with this new rendition in wheel sets.

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Ritchey Comp Silhouette wheels A fine quality cyclocross or training wheel set, the Comp Silhouette wheels come with a fully serviceable cone system or bearing and are laterally firm as well as vertically compliant with respect to rough roads. The finesse as well as the sturdiness of this wheels makes biking an experience worth all your money. Even the professional in the filed of biking would agree to its strong merits.

The Ritchey Comp Silhouette wheels also offer a very affordable choice to bikers and its features stand a testimony to its merits.

These wheels are all black and come laced with sealed hubs. The rims of the wheels have a machined wall. These wheels have comp rim and hubs and the freehub is H-G splined (10 sp). Another feature of this wheel set is the 3- cross straight gauge spokes (rear laced) that come with a radial front and weigh 14 grams. The nipples of these wheels are made of brass. The front wheel weighs about 835 grams and the rear wheel 1017 grams and the whole set weighs 1852 grams. This wheel set light as well as firm enough and uses the Zero system for the rim and the hub (which has an enhanced flange spacing) that leads to a balancing of the spoke tension on either sides of rear wheel.

Thus, this wheel set is ideal as an everyday wheel set and is reliable enough and can fit easily in your budget. Ideal choice for rain biking. Thus with its improved features as well as good price, this wheel is the ideal choice for all cyclocross as well as training sessions.

Ritchey Comp Silhouette Wheels

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