Ritchey Wheels Reviews

ritchey wheels comp-silhouette

Ritchey Wheels - Comp Silhouette Road Bike Wheelset Reviews

The Ritchey Comp Silhouette Road Bike Wheels offer the perfect set for road training as well as cyclocross biking. These black wheels boast of features like rim with machined wall, H-G splined hubs, zero system uses for both rim and hubs and hubs with enhanced flange spacing. With straight gauge 3-cross spokes and a weight of 1852 grams, these Ritchey wheels suit the above mentioned purposes aptly and are also affordable enough.

ritchey wheels superlogic

Ritchey Wheels - SuperLogic Road Bike Whees Review

The Superlogic Bike Wheels from Ritchey Design is a feather in their cap for the kind of excellence and innovation it has brought about. The wheels have been made from high-end carbon with WCS rear and front hubs and spokes made of DT Swiss blades attached to rims made from high-modulus carbon fiber mixed along with boron. These features render these wheels with a strong and sturdy finish and makes biking an experience of a lifetime.


Ritchey Wheels - WCS Carbon Road Bike Wheels Review

WCS Carbon Road Bike Wheels from Ritchey Design is made from the vantage point of giving the bikers an edge in world championships and the high-end clinchers and tubular under this category are hand-built and boast of vertical compliance as well as lateral stability. The awesome clincher rims with aluminium brakes, precision bearings in both the hubs, DT spokes, zero dish for rear wheels are its prominent features, making these a match winner any time.

ritchey-wcs-protocol Ritchey WCS Protocol Road Bike Wheels Review

Ritchey WCS Protocol Road bike wheels are suitable for all round biking since they have high durability and endurance. They are very stylish, with good aerodynamic features and very affordable Ritchey wheels.

More About Ritchey Wheels

As president of Ritcheylogic, Tom Ritchey is also company the lead designer while riding more than 10,000 miles yearly on bicycle-initiated projects. Ritchey Wheels' design is based on Tom Ritchey's policy and idealogy that products are never meant to utilize expensive materials or be flashy beyond the basic necessity. Ritchey Wheels also benefits from more than 30 years of testing and validation to ensure that the products meet the CEN (European Nation Cycling body)'s minimum safety requirements. In addition to this, Ritchey Wheels is also known to sponsor and used by a host of cycling teams that has delivered consistent results over the past 30 years.

Ritchey WCS Carbon

There are 2 models under the Ritchey WCS Carbon product line and they are known as WCS Apex Carbon 50 mm Tubular front and rear. The rims are made from full 50mm depth carbon which minimizes cross wind while the hubshell bearings are German manufactured to bring about the best accuracy and to withstand the harshest race conditions.

Superlogic wheelset

Ritchey Wheels is known to have marketed and distributed up to 6 different models under its Superlogic wheelset product line. The Superlogic Carbon 46 mm for the front or rear is available in clincher or tubular as well as in either a Shimano/SRAM or Campy setup. The rims are manufactured in US using race-proven, defense grade Carbon while the hubs are known to feature titanium skewers. As the product line suggests, all the models feature a 46 mm profile and weigh between 491 gram to 796 gram per wheel.

Ritchey WCS Protocol

This is another great product from Ritchey Wheels and is said to be a favorite among cyclists who have a strong preference and liking for light clinchers. They are known to provide great handling and are also widely raved for its strength. These Ritchey wheels, the WCS Protocol has been used by a number of pro cycling teams all over the world due to its proven results.