Reynolds DV46 Cross Wheels Review

Reynolds Cycling is a household name when it comes to offering quality biking products. And the road bike wheels from this legendary house have made many a winner on the race track. Synonymous with innovation and novelty in all of its products, Reynolds has always met the smallest expectations of its riders. And one among them is the DV46 Cross Wheels set.

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More About The Reynolds DV46 Cross Wheels

Reynolds DV46 Cross wheels

Here’s all that you want to know about the DV46. This tubular wheel is an all carbon affair, and has the most unique ability to endure the harshest cyclocross conditions that come its way, and the Reynolds DV46 cross wheels is sure to come out victorious every time. With a grand 46 mm deep rim profile, the wheel exudes performance at the highest level.

What completely sets this cross wheel apart is the classic Reynolds technology, proprietary and patented, of the ultimate and a must have unidirectional carbon that can leave behind any cyclocross track, along with the deep-V profile on the rim, so that the rider is in complete control at all times. Where else will you find such a great combination of lateral stiffness as well as strength? The DV46 cross set has stood the test of the toughest of competitions and has excelled each and every time.

The approval of its stellar performance by the greatest of bike racers is testament to what Reynolds has put in to come up with this prodigy. The carbon specific pattern on the brake pads lets you have the smoothest ride and supreme control, which lets you halt without even the slightest of jolts or shock. Another significant highlight of this set of wheels is the DT Revolution on the front spokes, and the combination of the same with the DT Competition on the rear spokes. So now, you can explore the most dynamic experience that there ever was in road bike riding. The 20/24 spokes add more to the thrill. Each set of wheels, both front and rear, comes with a weight of 1320 grams.

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Reynolds DV46 Cross Wheels

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