Reynolds DV46 C UL Road Bike Wheels Set Review

It cannot get better than Reynolds Cycling when it comes to bike wheels, and every road biker will agree to that. Reynolds has always fulfilled its promise of delivering the best and the most technologically advanced products to its loyal customers. And the DV46 C UL road bike wheel set seems to have surpassed all expectations.

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More About The Reynolds DV46 C UL Wheels

Reynolds DV46 C UL

Here’s all that you want to know about the Reynolds DV46 C UL wheels. This great set of bike wheels boasts of the ultimate all-carbon technology, proudly patented by Reynolds and established as its proprietary technology. Another one of the main highlights on these wheels is the superior deep-V profile of the rim, letting the rider enjoy a completely flattened-out speed. But this speed comes with expert lateral stiffness as well that gives the rider supreme control on even the most challenging race track.

The 46 mm deep rim depth gives amazing dynamic stability, while the carbon specific brake pads, Reynolds’ personal touch, lets you make expert and skilful movements. So on the whole, your braking performance can go up by as much as 17%, both on short as well as long descents. In fact, the unidirectional Ultra Light (UL) section of the carbon material is extended continuously throughout the wheel assuring impeccable responsiveness for the best riding experience. This is what sets the set a complete class apart.

The Reynolds DV46 C UL wheels also feature the unique and the very efficient Vibration Management System (VMS) that gives the rider a smooth, unfrazzled journey by curbing the vibration and movement to the minimum possible. The aerodynamics ability of the wheel also scores full points for a performance driven approach by Reynolds. Both, the front spokes, as well as the ones on the rear wheel, are exclusively DT Aerolite, along with the viable DT Competition, to make an expert out of every biker. 20/24 spoke patterns also bring up the performance on the race track. Each set of wheels weighs almost about 1410 grams.

This great set of wheels can be easily classified as the fastest ever all-carbon clincher in the world.

Reynolds DV46 C UL Wheels

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