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Reynolds Wheels dv-46ul

Reynolds Wheels - DV46 C UL Road Bike WheelsSet Review

From the house of Reynolds wheels comes the DV46 C UL, this is a match winner all the way. The Ultra Light feature on the unidirectional carbon section can enhance performance like never before, while the V shaped rim profile, the Vibration Management System and the superior braking performance makes it the fastest clincher in the world.


Reynolds Wheels - DV46 Cross Road Bike Wheels Set Review

The DV46 Cross Road Bike Wheels set form the house of Reynolds cycling is a must have for winning on the toughest cyclocross tracks. This tubular wheel is made form carbon and boasts of Reynolds unidirectional carbon proprietary technology along with the deep-V profile on the rim. The DT Revolution on the spokes will also help you to come out a winner.


Reynolds Wheels - Element C Road Bike Wheelset Review

The Element C Reynolds Wheels set from the house of Reynolds Cycling is the ultimate in the full disc rim technology, and the brand’s proprietary carbon made braking pads. It also features an all new valve stem cup technology.


Reynolds SDV66C Road Bike Wheels Set Review

The SDV66 C form the house of the stalwart Reynolds Cycling is a match-winner in every way. You can vouch for the impressive rim depth, the carbon-designed brake pads, the vibration control mechanism and the stylish structure to breeze you through the race. A great option if you search for Reynolds wheels.

More About Reynolds Wheels

Reynolds Wheels are manufactured by a company whose status is as much legendary as it is reputable. Having sponsored and also used by winning teams in a host of International cycling events, Reynolds Wheels are a real household name in performance-based cycling. It is best known for utilizing some of the best technologies to produce the lightest aluminum and carbon wheels.

Reynolds DV46

The DV46 C UL and DV46 T UL are almost identical wheels under Reynolds Wheels Competition line. The main difference between the two lies in the formers utilization of the company's all-carbon clincher technology. Reynolds DV46 TUL weighs at 1155 grams per set while Reynolds DV46 C UL is weighed at 1410 grams per set. Both of these sets employ some of the best technologies and used by world-winning European pro teams who would settle for nothing short of the very best.

Reynolds Element C

This line of wheels is marketed and distributed by Reynolds' Wheels under its Aero series. It is the company's best representation in aerodynamic performance with its disc wheels. Weighing at 1340 grams (per clincher set) and 1100 grams (tubular set), Reynolds Element C employs the company's all-carbon clincher technology to give low drag coefficient, excellent torsional stiffness and low rolling resistance. All these would be the ultimate prerequisites of cyclists relying on performance-based results.

SDV66C Wheelset

This particular product is marketed and distributed under the Reynolds Wheels Aero product line. The SDV66C wheelset weighs at 1675 grams per set and is a favorite among performance-oriented cyclists who have a preference for simple yet effective clincher designs. It is known for its strength, stiffness and being exceptionally responsive; every stroke of the cycle's pedal will instantly transform into pure speed and power. It also employs some of the best in design and technology that is well-known in Reynolds Wheels.