Mavic Wheels Reviews

mavic wheels - Mavic Askium

Mavic Wheels - Aksium Wheelset Review

Mavic Aksium Road bike wheels are quite light weight and responsive to the user. Its various features result in superior performance and good speed. These Mavic wheels are designed for professional competitions and training.

mavic wheels - Mavic Cosmic Carbon

Mavic Wheels - Cosmic Carbon Powertap Wheelset Review

Mavic Cosmic Carbon PowerTap Road Bike Wheels are designed for power training for the serious competitors and can be used for all round biking. It is high on endurance and durability factors. These Mavic wheels are very stylish and attractive and priced affordably.


Mavic Wheels - Ksyrium Elite Wheelset Review

Mavic Ksyrium Elite Bike Wheels is a dynamic, lightweight and affordable wheel set that is crafted with Ksyrium technology. It aerodynamic features include a semi-profiled rim (with no tape) with a SUP welded joint, less number in spokes and ultra-profiled 2-crossed spokes. It offers lateral stiffness and quality bearings from Mavic. Overall the wheel set offers a great alternative for training and road bike racing as well as for touring.

Mavic-RSYS-Wheels Mavic R-SYS Road Bike Wheels Review

Mavic R-Sys wheels are designed using good amount of aerodynamic technology. But due to certain safety issues regarding their weak spokes, they had to be recalled. This version has now been further upgraded keeping in mind the safety issues.

mavic-speedcity Mavic Speedcity Road Bike Wheels Review

Mavic Speedcity Road Bike Wheels are your chance to get adventurous since these wheels are the perfect set for urban riding as well as to be used in mountain bikes, giving it the speed to completely thrill you. With lighter rims with Forte technology, high-resistance SUP technology for welding the rim joints, sealed cartridge hub bearings facilitating lower friction and fewer spokes, the Speedcity Mavic wheels set is ideal for those who want to transform their dirt machine into one street rod.

More About Mavic Wheels

Mavic Wheels is manufactured by Mavic. Established and based in France, the company is known to have a wealth of experience in manufacturing rims, cycle computers, computers as well as complete wheel-sets since 1889. With more than a century in existence, the company has been known to grow from strength to strength and is reputable among different groups of cyclists from all over the world and with different levels of riding experience.

Mavic Aksium

This is the entry level line from Mavic Wheels. It is light in weight and totally reliable. The lcompany's main selling point here is that even at entry level, the wheels are manufactured using some of the company's top technologies. Among these top Mavic Wheels technologies include reinforced rims drilling or known as H2 (Hammer Hardening) and the QRM technology for high quality cartridge bearings. They result in lightweight and some of the most versatile rims as well as serviceable cartridge bearings. The best part of it is that the Mavic Aksium comes at a most competitive price.

Speedcity Wheelset

Mavic Wheels has came close to outdoing itself yet again with the introduction of the Speedcity wheelset. This particular line of wheels is said to be able to fit into any mountain bike. Along with the versatile V brake adaptor which is sold separately as an optional item, it can fit into mountain bikes with or without disk brakes. For that matter, bikers have the advantage of only changing their wheels instead of the entire bicycle to improve on their training times and results!

Mavic Ksyrium Elite

The Mavic Ksyrium Elite happens to be Mavic Wheels' medium range line of wheels. Although it is a middle profile set for cyclists with a price tag of several hundreds of dollars, it is regarded by many cyclists as the best in that price range. It is a lightweight yet sturdy set of wheels. The 25 mm maxtal-made rims are offered in silver or black anodized while the spokes are made from stainless steel, quite simply these are a quality set of Mavic wheels.