Fulcrum Wheels Reviews

fulcrum wheels racing 1 road bike wheelset

Fulcrum Wheels - Racing 1 Road Bike Wheelset Review

These are excellent set of wheels perfect for riding up and down the steep hills. Its lightweight and aerodynamic features make it very much preferred all over. And not to mention, they are equally stylish too.

fulcrum wheels racing-3

Fulcrum Wheels - Racing 3 Road Bike Wheels Review

This Fulcrum wheels set is perfect for serious racing owing to its aerodynamic features, dynamic balance and stability. The Racing 3 Road bike wheelset can endure treacherous paths without getting worn out. It is recommended for the racing enthusiasts and racers.

fulcrum wheels racing 5 wheels tn

Fulcrum Wheels - Racing 5 Road Bike Wheels Review

Fulcrum Racing 5 Road Bike Wheels are medium weight wheels that are perfectly balanced, perfectly stiff and have the aerodynamic features to die for. They are perfectly suited for rough training rides and long distant rides. And very affordable.

fulcrum-racing-7-wheels Fulcrum Racing 7 Road Bike Wheels Review

These particular Fulcrum wheels, the Racing 7 Road Bike Wheel set are designed aerodynamically to suit the day to day training. It is stylish with brilliant features and very much affordable. This is designed for the racers and enthusiasts.

fulcrum-racing-light Fulcrum Racing Light Rad Bike Wheels Review

Fulcrum Racing Light Road Bike Wheels are professional bikes made for serious racing. Its light weight, aerodynamic design and high precision make them much preferred set of wheels. They are of superior quality and come at affordable prices.

fulcrum-racing-speed-wheels Fulcrum Racing Speed Road Bike Wheels Review

Fulcrum Racing Speed Road Bike wheels are one of the most popular wheels in the racing arena. Its light weight, aerodynamic technology and good resistance to torsion make it fit for any sort of races. Weighing just 1300 grams, it is as light as it can get.

fulcrum-racing-zero-wheels Fulcrum Racing Zero Road Bike Wheels Review

These Fulcrum Racing Zero Road Bike Wheels are high performance wheels for professional racers. Their lightweight features, aerodynamic technology make it just the right Fulcrum wheels choice for the toughest of the races.

More About Fulcrum Wheels

Fulcrum wheels, which are dedicated to manufacturing components and wheels for road racing bikes, off-road wheels as well as pedal cranks for racing bikes in carbon fibre. The company is said to have its products sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Fulcrum Wheels was established in 2004 by three aerospace engineers who have have a strong passionate about bicycles. The company's attraction includes designs that are dynamic and attractive, ongoing research as well as patents that have a strong appeal. Although considered to be still in its infancy, Fulcrum Wheels has succeeded in making its mark in the bicycling industry.

Among the products that is manufactured and distributed by Fulcrum Wheels include Racing Chrono, Racing Speed, Racing Speed XLR, Racing Light XLR, Racing Zero 2-Way Fit, Fulcrum Racing Zero, Racing 1, Racing 3 and Fulcrum Racing 7.

Fulcrum Racing Zero Wheelset

This particular wheelset is known to be the top of the aluminum range of the company. Its high impact aesthetics as well as superb performance characteristics makes it the top choice of bikers who yearn for all-rounded excellence.

The rims and spokes are made of aluminum while the hubs contain an aluminum flange with a carbon fibre body.

Fulcrum Racing Speed Wheelset

The company's entry level model for the high-end carbon fibre market lies in the Fulcrum Racing Speed Wheelset. This line of wheelset is based on the design and features of the Racing Speed XLR line. It features 100% carbon fibre rims, aluminum hubs and burnished spokes.

Fulcrum Racing 7

The latest in the Racing line of wheels, the Fulcrum Racing 7 wheelset has been the result of vigorous designing by the R&D department of the company. The result is a line of Fulcrum wheels that only share the same name with its predecessors and one that is lighter, more responsive but marketed at the same price.