Easton Wheels Review

easton wheels ea50 wheel set

Easton Wheels - EA50 Road Bike Wheels Review

Like many Easton wheels, the Easton EA50 road bike wheels are extremely for powered performances and best suited for the racers. Their hubs from V2 series, straight but slightly stiff spokes and inboard ratchet system all contribute to its performance.


Easton Wheels - EA70X Road Bike Wheels Review

Easton E470X is a tubular version of one another Easton model EA70. It is for the criterium or cross racers who look specifically for stiffness and strength. It is of high quality and truly world class.


Easton Wheels - EA90 Aero Road Bike Wheels Review

Easton EA90 Aero road bike wheels are a fantastic combination of aerodynamics and light weight technology. They are superb for power performances. They have excellent R4 hubs, stainless steel bladed spokes and weigh 1570 g in totality excluding the additional weight of 118g contributed by the skewers.

easton-ea90-slx Easton EA90 SLX Road Bike Wheels Review

Easton wheels are really world class and give high performance. This includes the EA90 SLX Road bike. Features include New Gen 4 rear/front rims, steel spokes from Sapim, a light weight high performance clincher wheel from Easton’s.

Easton-EA90-TT-Aero-Wheel-Set Easton EA90 TT Road Bike Wheels Review

Easton EA90 TT road bike wheels are high performance wheels and are truly world class. They come with R4TT F hubs, unique and new aero design, cartridges that are precision sealed and the front wheel weighs 685g and the rear weighs 890 g. So in totality they weigh 1575 g.

easton-ec90-wheels Easton EC90 Road Bike Wheels Review

These Easton wheels, the EC90 are of very high quality and world class and give high performance. Their characteristic features are some more spokes, precision sealed cartridges and inboard ratchet system.  It weighs around 1532 g both the wheels included. It is known for its lightweight.

More About Easton Wheels

Easton Wheels is a name that is synonymous with cycling enthusiasts all over the world with a keen eye for quality. Although the company did not started out manufacturing wheels, it has contributed significantly to the performance of competitive bikers and thus, stamping its mark in the industry.

Among the main characteristics/features of Easton Wheels is that they are all made to withstand the harshest of conditions (robust), made for specific purposes and is 100% handbuilt. They are also subjected to a stringent wheel testing process and features premium quality spokes.

Easton EA 90 Wheelsets

Under this line of wheels are several products for different purposes. The EA 90 XC, for instance, is manufactured for mountain biking purposes. This specific line is based on the XC One and has been improved in many aspects. There is also the Easton EA 90 SLX, the super lightweight wheelset for the ultimate results in road performance and last but not least, the Easton EA 90 Aero wheelset, targeted at bikers who dream of the lowest possible drag while still yearning for high performance.

Easton EC Wheelsets

Easton Wheels has yet another premium quality line of wheels in the Easton EC wheelsets. The Easton EC 90 Aero Clincher, a carbon road clinchers with mind-boggling aerodynamics. It features a superior braking system that is said to be comparable to traditional aluminum clinchers but with significantly less weight and more stiffness.

Easton EA 50

The Easton EA 50 SL, is believed to be a dedication to bikers who are training to improve their performance results. The stiffness and ride quality of the wheelset is said to be perfect for those training to become racers or whom are merely bike enthusiasts. With the double-butted spokes, these particular Easton wheels provide comfort on par with high-end racing wheelsets.