DT Swiss XRC 1350 Wheelset Review

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DT Swiss XRC 1350 moubtainbike 26  Carbon Run Bike Front Wheel
DT Swiss XRC 1350 moubtainbike 26 Carbon Run Bike Front Wheel
Time Remaining: 12d 18h 47m
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New DT Swiss XRC 1350 26 15mm Front Wheel Carbon OEM
New DT Swiss XRC 1350 26 15mm Front Wheel Carbon OEM
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More About The DT Swiss XRC 1350

DT Swiss XRC 1350DT Swiss is a highly noted name in the world of road biking. Wheels are the most important parts of any road racing bike, and nobody understands it better than DT Swiss. So when it comes to counting on the most reliable and performance oriented wheels, most bikers readily vouch for DT Swiss. And one of the top features on this list is the DT Swiss XRC 1350 Wheels from the legendary house itself.

Here’s all that you want to know about this great performer set of wheels. The 1350 has some of the best geometric dimensions that any wheel can boast of. Equipped to take on any challenge on any kind of racing track, this set has been making winners out of bikers. And if this is not all, the 1350 set of wheels is also one of the lightest one around, with its front wheel weighing just about 590 grams. This ensures that you have the maximum flexibility and smoothness in every one of your rides. This speed-enhancing front wheel is balanced by the stability inducing rear one, which is what makes the DT Swiss XRC 1350 wheels complete all rounders.

But this is not all. One of the most significant aspects that have made the wheel a must-have in every bike racing circuit is its impeccable rim profile made form the technologically superior carbon clincher. This is where the champion performance emanates from. And geometrically as well the set takes the cake, the baker and the bakery. The hexagonal aluminium pro lock system of the DT nipples cannot be seen on any other set of wheels. The 3-cross lacing also plays an important part in leaving the other ordinary wheels far, far, behind in the race. The 28 strategically aligned spokes are bladed as well as double butted to yield maximum performance in the most effortless way. The hub cartridge bearings are made from the ever-reliable stainless steel to last you for a long time. They are also equipped with the superior centre lock, as well as the quick release system.

Now you know what sets the 1350 apart.

DT Swiss XRC 1350 Wheels

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