DT Swiss RR 1850 WheelSet Review

DT Swiss has always played right up to the expectations of its loyal fans around the world and this is no different with the DT Swiss RR 1850 wheelset. Every professional biker would willingly vouch for the incredible performance of the various products that this company has to offer to the biking world.

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More About DT Swiss RR 1850 Wheelset

dt swiss rr 1850 wheelset And DT Swiss definitely leaves all the other brands behind when it comes to providing the best quality road racing bike wheels. And on the top of this coveted list is the DT Swiss RR 1850 wheelset.

So you really want to know what this great product is all about. Here’s a sneak peek into this product. The DT Swiss RR 1850 wheelset are closely integrated with some of the best features that any bike rider, bother professional or amateur, can ask for. The front wheel in this great set has as many as 20 holes so as to allow for maximum speed in every one of your races. The wheels also scores full points on lightness and some spectacular aerodynamic features, making it a must have in order to nail all your races.

This set of wheels also is a great looker and one of the most polished and sleek ones available in the market. So now, win the race, and make a statement as well. But the best feature on this set is the New Aero pattern of the performance enhancing sand-blasted aero spokes. Even the geometrical dimensions are exemplary, with the unique lacing pattern and the Prolock Hexagonal design.

DT Swiss RR 1850 Wheelset

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