DT Swiss Wheels Reviews

dt swiss wheels r1450

DT Swiss RR 1450 Road Bike Wheels Set Review

The RR 1450 DT Swiss Wheels Set from the house of the legendary DT Swiss boasts of some best feature that is available in the market today. The hubs numbering 240, the aerolite spokes, the DT spares and the 1.1 RR rim profile make the wheel a must have for any professional biker.


DT Swiss Wheels - RR 1850 Road Bike WheelsSet Review

The RR 1850 Road bike Wheelsset is a dream come true for every bike rider and another great DT Swiss wheels product. The classic New Aero technology of the sand-blasted spokes, the prolock Hexagonal design, the 1.2 deep rims as well as the superior lightness make this wheel the rage that it is on the race track.

DT Swiss wheels rr-1900

DT Swiss Wheels - RR 1900 Road Bike WheelsSet Review

The RR 1900 set of road racing bike wheels from the legendary house of DT Swiss boasts of amazing features, like the optimized hand built structure, the sleeved rim, the aero spokes, the Prolock Nipples, as well as the 370 styled hubs. What more do you want?

dt swiss rrc 46 wheelset

DT Swiss Wheels - RRC 46 Road Bike WheelsSet Review

The RRC 46 set of road bike wheels form the house of the popular DT Swiss is a state of the art creation with some of the best features. The carbon made rim, the ceramic bearings and the carbon fibre body make it a must have for any biker.

dt swiss rrc wheelset DT Swiss RRC Road Bike Wheels Set Review

The RRC Road Bike Wheelset form the legendary DT Swiss wheels house is a state of the art creation in biking products if ever there was. The 33 mm carbon fibre rim, the aerolite spokes, balanced spoke structure, the RWS skewer and a lot more, make these DT Swiss wheels the legend that they are.

dtswiss-x1800 DT Swiss X1800 Road Bike Wheels Review

DT Swiss X1800 Road Bike Wheels are quite light weight but yet very strong. Its aerodynamic features enable superior performance and they are best suited for the rigorous mountain rides. They are very stylish and attractive. And a little costly.

dtswiss-xr1450-wheel DT Swiss XR 1450 Road Bike wheels Set Review

The XR 1450 set of road bike wheels from the legendary house of DT Swiss promises to take your racing performance to a very high level. And you will have the ultimate 4.2 rim profile, the expert lacing pattern at the 3 cross spokes, the Q/R levers, and a lot more to thank for it. Happy racing!!!

dt-swiss-xr-wheel DT Swiss XR Road Bike Wheels Review

DT Swiss XR Road Bike wheels are perfectly designed and suited for the rough and steep mountain climbs. They are light in weight are exclusively hand built and shipped from Switzerland. They are a little costly but with its endurance and tolerance, it worth it.

dt-swiss-xrc-1250 DT Swiss XRC 1250 Road Bike Wheels Set Review

The XRC 1250 Road bike wheels set form the house of the great DT Swiss is known for the culmination of some of the best features. These include the quick release, the ratchet system, the double butted spokes and the bladed section, that all promise the bets quality of performance.

dtswiss-xrc-1350 DT Swiss XRC 1350 Road Bike Wheels Set Review

The 1350 set of road racing bike wheels from the house of DT Swiss is a true champion maker. It boasts of some of the best features, which include, an impeccable carbon clincher rim, a bladed and a double-butted spoke alignment, the 3-cross lacing, as well as the hexagonal nipple patterns. Makes this another DT Swiss wheels classic.

More About DT Swiss Wheels

DT Swiss Wheels are manufactured by DT Swiss AG, the first company in the bicycle industry to offer a full range of bicycle wheels components. The company has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1994 and has gained a strong reputation among bicycling enthusiasts of all levels.

Although DT Swiss Wheels is but a small fraction of products that is offered by the company, it is among one of its best-sellers. This is a result of its dedication to quality production at every level. Among the line of wheelsets that is offered under the DT Swiss Wheels umbrella are the TRICON Wheels, the XRC Wheels, the RR Wheels, the XRC Wheels and the XR Wheels.

DT Swiss RR 1450 mon Chasseral

This line of wheels is favored for its lightweight climbing properties. Among the features of this wheelset includes rims that are welded with SBWT (Strength Boost Welding Technology) to ensure the best jolt for the rims. The rims are also equipped with EN standard compliant wear tear indicators to show the extend of the wear in the rim. It also features the standard Quick release wheel mounting system.

DT Swiss XRC 1350 Wheelset

This particular line of wheels from DT Swiss Wheels feature a long list of features including handmade carbon rims and is contains superior quality hubs that are made with the DT Swiss' Star Ratchet Drive System and equipped with stainless cartridge bearings. There are no special tools required for routine maintenance that makes the task a breeze.

DT Swiss XR

It is made for bikers who are passionate in cross-country biking. The hubs are also made with the company's patented DT Swiss Star Ratchet Drive System that results in a hassle-free routine maintenance. The rims are made with the famed SBWT system that results in a solid joint on these DT Swiss wheels.