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Campagnolo Bora Road Bike Wheel Review

The Bora Road Bike Wheelset from the house of the Campagnolo wheels  is one of its best products till date, and delivers on all the aspects of biking that most people look for. The innovative CULT technology, variable aero spokes, structural carbon rims and the carbon fibre hubs are the feature that put this product in a completely different league.


Campagnolo Wheels - Eurus Road Bike Review

The Eurus road bike wheel set from the house of Campagnolo is a geometrical wonder that promises the most balanced and assured biking experience on any kind of a track. The variable rear-front wheel profiles offer the best of both the worlds. The aluminium wheel structure can create dynamic experience for every kind of rider.

campagnolo-hyperon Campagnolo Hyperon Road Bike Wheels Set Review

The Hyperon Road Bike Wheelset from the house of Campagnolo wheels is one of the lightest bike wheel gears around, and all credit goes to its exceptional carbon fibre built body. The lamination alignment, along with the Ultra polymerization technology is the best that you can get.

Bring a big difference to your biking experience.

campagnolo-neutron Campagnolo Neutron Road Bike Wheelsets Review

The Neutron Road bike Wheelsets form the house of Campagnolo is a performance driven product on all accounts. The polygonal geometric dimension, the asymmetric rear wheel rim configuration, the Symmetric Action lever, and the break through generation structure of the hubs and bearings only second that point.


Campagnolo Wheels - Shamal Road Bike Review

The Shamal Road Bike wheel from none other than Campagnolo is the epitome of quality and precision in product features. Offering the best aerodynamic experience with the variable aero spokes, the Shamal is recognized as a benchmark for CNC technology wheel designing and toroidal experiences.

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Campagnolo Wheels - Zonda Road Bike Review

The Zonda road Bike wheelsets form the the famous Campagnolo wheels is a great gift to every bike rider, both professional and amateur. The variable rim dimensions on the wheels offer dynamic stability even on the most challenging course tracks and the oversized hub and flange structure is meant to enhance performance. The torsional and the aerodynamic features also hold this version in very good stead.

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More About Campagnolo Wheels

Campagnolo Wheels is not an alien name for those who are into quality bicycling gear. They are produced by Campagnolo, a company that was established in 1933. Since its foundation, the company has been steadily increasing its mark among cyclists who are in search and in need of wheels and other biking gear of the highest possible standards in quality workmanship.

Under the Campagnolo Wheels   umbrella, the company has an assortment of products to target different groups of bikers. As a start, there are 3 different product lines under the wheels for road biking. The following will give you a general idea about these 3 line of wheels for road bikers.

The Campagnolo Hyperon Wheelset (Low Profile Wheels)

Campagnolo Wheels introduced the Campagnolo Hyperon Wheelset as their low profile wheels. They are intended for long-distance biking as well as steep climbs. Among the special features and characteristics of this line of wheels is that they are vertically elastic as well as torsionally and laterally stiff. The entire line of wheels is said to be strong.

The Campagnolo Shamal (Medium Profile Wheels)

Campagnolo Wheels is perhaps best illustrated with its all-rounded, multi-purpose medium profile wheels. It is the bridge between the low profile wheels and the high-profile wheels. With the
G3 spoking system, The Campagnolo Shamal, among the medium profile wheels by the company, is said to feature a well-balanced spoke tension, exceptional lateral stiffness as well as a better quality transmission for torque driving.

Campagnolo Bora (High Profile Wheels)

The epitome of high-performance wheels. The Campagnolo Bora wheelset is the obvious choice for competitive riders who are after results. These wheels have been used by a large number of professional riders who would settle for nothing less than the best. Under this line are two different products, namely Bora One and Bora Ultra Two tubular both great Campagnolo wheels.