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Bontrager Aeolus Road Bike Wheels Review

All in all these Bontrager wheels are quite good thanks to the highly modern aerodynamic technology that it has adopted giving superior performance. It is suited to face the windiest of the conditions. The Aeolus Road bike wheels is quite stylish and very affordable.

bontrager-aero-powertap-wheels Bontrager Aero Powertrap Road Bike Wheels Review

Bontrager Aero Powertap road bike wheels is overall a good set of wheels with precision, lightweight and endurance capacity. It is good for training and racing. Good preference for the racers and the enthusiasts.


Bontrager Wheels - Race X Lite Review

Bontrager Race X Lite Road Bike Wheels is a highly preferable wheel set for serious racing. With its aerodynamic features, light weight and durability, it is suitable for all round riding.


Bontrager Wheels - Race XXX Review

These Bontrager wheels are a great all round road bike wheel. It is aerodynamic, durable and very stylish. And the best part is that the Race XXX Road bike wheels are very affordable.

More About Bontrager Wheels

Bontrager Wheels is a company that is no stranger to mountain bike enthusiasts all over the world. The company is a household name manufacturing high quality bicycle accessories, components and apparel. The company's products are known to be of great design while maintaining quality in performance and durability.

Among the high-quality products under the Bontrager Wheels' umbrella include Bontrager Aeolus, Bontrager Classics, Bontrager Race and the Bontrager Race X Lite wheels. All these products are high-end wheels and features their own distinctive characteristics and qualities. The following are among some of the highlights of the two line of bike wheels from Bontrager.

Bontrager X Lite

Although the Bontrager X Lite is not a new product from the company after being manufactured and marketed for nearly a decade, with persistent research, the product has evolved extensively and further improved in several aspects.

For starters, the wheel set now features improved aerodynamics which results in a lighter and improved durability. The newly redesigned 2010 Bontrager wheels - X Lite is also said to have a better drive mechanism durability as a result of its Scandium alloy rims and optimized forged hub shells.

Bontrager Aeolus

The Bontrager Aeolus wheelset is among the most popular set of wheels among competitive bikers. The reason for this is the aerodynamics of this particular line of wheels will allow competitive riders in time trail, road racing and triathlon to maximize their technical advantage with the lowest possible drag output.

The Bontrager Aeolus line of wheels is made using the world's most advanced carbon fiber making process in the world known as the Optimum Compaction, Low Void Carbon (OCLV) process based on the track record of the Race XXX Lite rims. The end result is an improved overall braking system in addition to stability.

In addition to the above line of Bontrager wheels, they also manufactures the Aero wheelset, the Rhythm TLR and the Big Earl lines.