The Top 10 Lightweight Road Racing Bike Wheels

Any racing bicycle has certain necessary distinctive features that help the bike rider to race across through any track swiftly and smoothly. And one of the most important factors is that they are light weight, so that the rider can effortlessly reach the finish line in the fastest time possible. And the most distinctive factor in any road racing bike is the wheel. Road bike wheels crucially affect how the racer performs and qualifies. And they particularly need to be lightweight, so that air resistance to the rider is greatly reduced, and the rolling resistance is low as well. Light weight wheels also offer the best aerodynamic performance to the rider on any kind of race track.

So when we are talking about light weight road racing bike wheels, which ones really are the best in the market? Here’s a sneak peek at the top 10 road bike wheels in this category.

Shimano WH- 7701 Pro Race Wheel

Shimano-WH7701-Pro-Race-WheelThis carbon wheel set is the best that you can get if it is light weight and an aerodynamic performance that you are looking for. Speed is one of the biggest attributes of the WH- 7701, and Shimano is sure to help you be the first to reach the finish line with this one. This super light set of wheels includes a front wheel that only weighs 630 grams, and a rear one that comes slightly heavier at 830 grams, but still lighter than the rest in the market.

Mavic KYSRIUM SSC SSL Race Wheel

mavic-kysrium-sscThis light weight road engine is deceptively powerful, and is also claimed to be the fastest wheel set in the world of road racing. Sleek and rugged at the same time, this product from Mavic is high up on the charts of the best road bike wheels sets around. The Zicral spokes, accompanied by the spectacular freewheel hub, and the -40 grams inter spoke rim, set the KYSRIUM SSC SSL a whole class apart. The Isopulse technology is another added feature on this great performer.

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Zipp 2009 Sub-9 Tubular Road Bicycle Wheel (700c)

zipp-sub9The Sub-9 disc wheel from Zipp gives you an all new meaning in aerodynamics that will make you feel like you are on a sailboat. The set of wheels weighs just 1003 grams, and yet it can guarantee you that extra boost every time you ride away on it. And one of the main features that add to the lightweight of the wheel is its unusual toroidal rim shape that lets you cut through the resisting air with minimal effort.

Cane Creak Aros Superlight Team

Cane-creek-arosNothing can make you feel as free, and swift, as a bird as the Aros Superlight Team form Cane Creak. The tubular rim on this wheel is made from the supremely featherweight carbon fibre so that you can glide through the air like a bird.  And this is complemented with the Crono Technology form Cane Creek that makes the wheels set one of the fastest accelerating and an ultra strong product if there was one.

Spinergy Tilium Carbon

spnergy-tilliumThe Tilium Carbon is gifted with the ultimate PBO technology which is what makes this set of wheels one of the lightest in the biking circuit. With the minimum wheel weight possible, Spinergy seems to have outdone itself in bringing out the ultimate wheel for racing. The set of wheels weighs just about 1550 grams.

Spinergy Xaero – X

Spinergy-Xaero-X-Road-WheelsetAnother one from the house of the legendary Spinergy is the Xaero X, which can leave most wheel sets behind in terms of lighweightedness and a superior aerodynamic performance. The wheel set weighs just about 1810 grams, and the credit for its feather-like light weight goes to the stellar combination of the semi-aero rim, the superb shallower, along with the bladed spokes. The Xaero X is a revolutionary product in the world of road bike racing.

Shimano WH- R540

Shimano-WH7701-Pro-Race-WheelShimano seems to be monopolizing the market with its high performance light weight road bike wheels, and the WH- R540 is one of the niche products from this house. These road wheels boast of some of the best features for a racing bike, and are the top choices for most professional bike racers. The rim weight is exceptionally low, which not only provides for an effortless movement but also quicker acceleration as well as a low inertia of rotation. Even the hub design helps to up the lateral rigidity by as much as 20%.

Campagnolo Bora 2 Ultra Tubular Road Bicycle Wheel Set

Campy-Bora-2-ultraCampagnolo is quite a trend setter when it comes to providing the bikers with the best of products. And the Bora 2 Ultra tubular road bike wheel set eagerly proves the point. This 1187 grams weighing set of wheels has some extraordinary features, like the structural carbon made rims that offer the ultimate lightness, and the stainless steel designed aero spokes with a differential pattern on both the wheels. The Bora 2 Ultra can take your racing credentials to an all new level.

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Reynolds DV3KT Tubular bicycle Wheel set

reynolds-dv3ktReynolds can never be left behind when it comes to racing bikes, and it lives up to its reputation with the DV3KT set of light weight racing wheels. The set of wheels weighs extremely light at 1320 grams, but score extremely high on performance and stability. It is the unique rim depth profile of 46 mm that accord the wheel with the best aerodynamic ability that it has. The carbon layup advanced technology is also a winning factor.

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Easton EA90 SLX Road Clincher Wheel set

easton-ea90-slxThe EA90 SLX is the lightest clincher road bike wheel set from Easton and comes with a weight of 1472 grams for a pair of the front wheel (610 grams) and the rear one (862 grams). The rim on this wheel is a forerunner in the New Gen category, and so are the R4 hubs as well as the double butted spokes.

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