Racing Bike Wheels – The Latest & Greatest

The 5 newest wheels on the market, and what they are all about!!

Bike riding is a very entertaining activity for most people, of all age groups. And biking racing is a completely new league all together. Bikes meant for racing need to be equipped with the best wheels for that ultimate performance on the race tracks. And so, allow us to present to you the five top racing bike wheels that are guaranteed to set the tracks on fire, come 2010. This coveted list includes the newest set of biking wheels to have recently hit the market and which have created a sensation in the bike racing circuit around the world. These are the top five:

Mavic KYSRIUM SSC SSL Race wheel

mavic-kysrium-sscMavic has always surprised its fans, and with the KYSRIUM, they know no bounds. These racing bike wheels are the best any biker could ask for, and a guaranteed winner at all races. And it boasts of some of the best features that help in completely setting this set of wheels a league apart. The proprietary Ksyrium technology makes the wheel a must have to be a race winner. The power transfer ability on this wheel set is extraordinary. The Maxtal material is the finest technological application to bike wheels, and so if the FTS-L system of the integrated wheel mechanism. The variable rim height, accompanied by an exceptionally optimized dish will help you to sour through the race at lightning fats speed. It also scores high on lightness, and a rugged and powerful feel. This deceptively talented set of wheels is a true stunner. Enough to make a champion out of anybody.

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Spinergy Tilium Carbon

spnergy-tilliumThis set of wheels is to watch out for in the coming days. The PBO technology makes the Spinergy Tilium a must have. The aluminium braking surface gives you maximum control and the carbon wheel set will enhance performance to the hilt. Lightness and smoothness is a highlight on this set of wheels, and the two together weigh juts 1550 grams. Feel light as a feather.

Reynolds DV3KT Tubular Racing bike wheels

reynolds-dv3ktTubular bike wheels were just average till Reynolds came along. And the DV3KT in particular sets a new standard all together. This tubular set comes with the most advanced carbon layup technology, letting you stay ahead of the others in the race. The rim profile on this set is an astounding 466 mm deep one, allowing you to enjoy the best aerodynamic ability that there is. Lateral stiffness has also been expounded like never before in this wheel set, and it promises the rider everything that is good; high-speed instant acceleration, maximum velocity, easy and efficient handling, and an indomitable stability. The light weight factor will also most definitely hold the bike rider in good stead throughout the race. The vibration Management system (VMS) is also an outstanding feature. The DV3KT is truly a champion stuff.

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Zipp 303 Clincher Road Bicycle Wheel set

Zipp-303Zipp can definitely not be left behind in all this fuss about the best racing bike wheels. And it is not, which you will find out when you see what its latest product in the range features. The aluminium clincher rim is said to make this wheel set the best thing in the racing circuit. The 44 mm rim profile boasts of an unrivalled aerodynamic ability. If you are looking to cross through the steepest and the roughest of roads, then the 303 is your best bet. Durability wise as well, this set leaves the others far behind.

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Reynolds Element C Rear Clincher bicycle Disc Wheel

reynolds_element_c_wheels-setHere comes Reynolds again, with one of its most talked-about products yet. Disc wheels are every rider’s prayers to experience the ultimate aerodynamic performance, and the Element C is every’ rider’s prayer answered. The carbon fibre design is also sure to jolt you into the big league. Also, the valve stem cup upholds Reynolds consistent streak at ingenuity and innovativeness. The wheel also boasts of a great torsional stiffness, as well as an exceptionally low drag coefficient to ensure that you get the smoothest and the most enjoyable experience every time you race away on your bike.

Apart from these top-notch racing products in the world of biking, you are also advised to take a keen look at the other new ones on the market, that can offer you equal performance enhancing ability; Shimano’s WH- 7701 Pro Race wheel, Cane creek Aros superlight, Campagnalo bora 2 Ultra Tubular, and many more.

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